Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Winter can bring about poor quality air for the home. This is because the dry indoor air could include more contaminants and pollutants than the air from outside. The air quality decreases in the winter because very seldom are the windows opened for fresh clean air. This results in the air being circulated over and over through the home again. You can invest in an air cleaner for your home to help improve the air quality. If you are unsure of which air cleaner would be best for the home, we can help to advise you on the choices. We can also make a recommendation based on the home’s size and your family. Some habits add to the decrease in air quality, like smoking cigarettes.

To have better quality air, isolate the issue

Eliminating the contaminants from the air is not always an easy process, but there are some things you can do to help. This way you can help provide good quality air for you and your family. Good clean air can be in the home if you help to isolate where the issue may be. Keep chemicals locked in an area tight so they do not leak into the air. It is recommended to be placed near a ventilation source, as long as it is not the ductwork system for your home. Also keep cleaning chemicals securely under the sink when possible. Keep things like fertilizer and paint near a window in the garage.

Eliminate poor quality air

To help improve the indoor air quality in the home, try to locate and eliminate the source of the problem. These could include cleaning products in the home or even wood treatments for the home furniture. Chemical levels seldom reach dangerous levels, but they can cause minor issues. They can aggravate allergy symptoms and may contribute to some respiratory problems. Try swapping out some chemicals with versions that have less odor and are healthier. When buying new furniture, try to find some that have not been treated with phthalates or any other harmful chemical. It is also important to go outside if and when you smoke. Smoke particles can linger much longer than when you are done smoking. This can then result in the home smelling like tobacco smoke, even if you are not currently smoking.

Ventilation is important in the home

The best way to improve the indoor air quality this winter is to make sure the home is well ventilated. This is especially important since carbon monoxide has a tendency to leak out of poorly ventilated systems. It is also recommend to invest in a carbon monoxide detector in your home. This way if levels become too high, it will alert you of the situation. If you are unsure if your home is well ventilated, feel free to call us. We can inspect the heating system and ductwork to see how it is working. We can also check the quality of air in your home and recommend what system might be needed.