Humidifier Benefits for the Winter

The air in your home should be the best quality possible. This is beneficial for you and your family to breathe in the clean air. Part of this may include needing to put moisture back into the air. Winter turns the air dry and cold. Investing in a humidifier can help to provide the best quality air in your home. It can also help to keep the home at a proper humidity level. If you are unsure of what humidifier is right for your home, we can help to advise you on the choices. We can also recommend a humidifier that will benefit your home and family.

What is a Humidifier?

A humidifier is a device that adds moisture back into the air. This is done in the form of water vapor. Humidifiers can add moisture to a single room or the entire home. How many rooms it can humidifier depends on the type of humidifier you have. The best way to add moisture to the entire home is by having a whole home humidifier installed in the home. This works by being attached to the current heating system in the home.

A humidifier can benefit your health

Humidifiers not only provide comfortable air in your home, but it can help to benefit your health as well. They can add moisture to the dry air, which helps to prevent chapped lips or dry skin. Also, a humidifier can help reduce the chance of having harsh air that creates static electricity. With the dry winter air, static electricity can result in painful shocks from time to time. Humidifiers can also help to improve the overall air quality in the home. This helps anyone who might suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory diseases. The humidifiers also provide moisture to help prevent cold dry air in the home. This can help reduce the chance of nosebleeds or scratchy throats.

Humidifiers can benefit your home

Having a humidifier in your home can also help to benefit the home itself. Dry air can cause furniture and wood flooring to dry out, crack, and become brittle. By installing a whole home humidifier, it can help prolong the life of the furniture and flooring in your home. Having a humidifier can also help save you money on monthly heating bills. When there is moisture in the air, a room will feel warmer than it actually is. This will in turn make you feel warm. By just feeling warm, you will be more inclined to turn down the heat in the home. Over time this can add up to savings on the utility bills. Make sure the humidity level is at the right amount for your home. Typically, it should be between thirty and fifty percent. Too low of humidity will result in the air being dry and uncomfortable. If there is too much humidity in the home, some rooms may feel stuffy and warm. There is also the chance that mold and mildew will begin to grow in the places that have higher humidity.

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